• Mr. Abbasbhai Patel
  • Mr. Ibrahim Nadiadwala


Their philosophy was that both 'yes' & 'no' sounded as sweet. They worked together interacting with facts on the table with their prospective client's innovative minds. It was more of a consultative approach without any high pressure. Three items on their daily agenda; desires,problems & wants,would uncover courses of benefits on both sides of the table.


This systematic & valuable approach became the official & veritable blueprints for the future of the Patels & Nadiawalas. Both masters & mentors ,Abbas & Ibrahim would further demonstrate & share their inclusive history & why their well earned results would be carrying on their never ending story.
"Two such as you with such a master speed Cannot be parted nor be swept away…"
Robert Frost



Badruddin Patel & Mustafa Nadiawala follow the M.B Methodology leading the next generation with Yusuf Patel onto the tried & tested path of progress, continually getting better, as they all three refine, revamp & revise the ongoing current conditions of the market. They realize that to be successful, they need to sell value not price as beneficiaries & businessmen.


By following their philosophical instincts, they are better of acquiring & rewarding researched high-end estates of merit ,than some seemingly attractive proposition. Their M.B. Methodology effectively rings out inefficiency & waste,in both reward & time. The occupants of their estates; Commercial Industrial & Residential all possess a sense of well earned pride & well-being.